T-grip Best Uses

Best application is repetitive push and pull on rakes, hoes and brooms.

Two T-grips on a leaf rake in rotating motion is similar to cutting with a scythe.

T-grip Uses - Gardening

  • Garden Hoe
  • Leaf Rake
  • Lawn Rake
  • Rock Rake
  • Thatching Rake
  • Clutivator
  • Lawn Edger
  • Pole Pruner

T-grip Uses - Janitorial

  • Vacuum Wand
  • Push Broom
  • Scrub Brush
  • Mop

T-grip Uses - Snow Tools

  • Roof Rake

T-grip Uses - Contractor Tools

  • Mortar Hoe
  • Plaster Hoe
  • Ashphalt Rake
  • Paint Extension Pole

T-grip Attaching Instructions:

  • Wrap split screw strap (A) around shaft of tool.
  • Slide saddle (B) onto split screw strap with indentations matching shaft of tool.
  • Slide grip (C) onto strap assembly.
  • To tighten, screw on grip.